Tristar FR-6990 Crispy Fryer XL

The Tristar FR-6990 Crispy Fryer XL is a real know-it-all product. You can not only make French fries and snacks with this product, but also potatoes, vegetables, meat and cake. You can buy the Tristar FR-6990 Crispy Fryer XL at Coolblue, a Dutch shop and webshop. In collaboration with Coolblue the blogs CLAIRE’S MISSION and Silkeblogs looped in on this Airfryer and tested the usage.
How did they experience the airfryer? CLAIRE’S MISSION tested the Airfryer by baking French fries, vegan crunchy deep-fried balls and vegan nuggets. Silke tested not only fries but also a pull-apart-bread and a plate with vegetables campi’s and feta. Silke describes the airfryer as a “healty airfryer” with a great variety of products to cook. Both blogs describe the product as easy to use. The control panel makes it easy to adjust the temperature and timer, which makes it quick and easy to prepare your meal. 
The conclusion? In their opinion the airfryer is one of the most use- friendly products they both ever had. The airfryer stands for simplicity, quickness and the delicious baking scents. Both Silke and Claire will keep using the airfryer. 

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